What’s the Purpose of Stain & Steel?

Stain & Steel exists to create affordable products with the quality a craftsman brings. Whether it is a desk used for work, a coffee table for games with friends or a dining table for eating meals with family; I strive to make functional conversation pieces to improve your home and work life.

How Did I Begin Woodworking?

Stain & Steel is a custom woodworking business born by generations of resourceful men who love the smell of fresh cut timber. Growing up I spent time with my Grandpa, Tim Moberg, building planes and boats. My father, Steve Moberg, is an airplane mechanic by trade so working with his hands is second nature. He and I did many projects growing up such as roofing, deck building and refinishing our basement after a flood. This influence gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to go and build whatever I wanted to create.

Who Am I?

I am Levi Moberg; husband to a beautiful and talented Interior Designer and father to a bold daughter and a rambunctious son. I have spent 6 years working for businesses in the IT industry, analyzing and managing projects in Minnesota. As an Interior Designer, my wife always looks for the perfect pieces that will complement a client’s work or living space. When she couldn’t find what she needed, she would have me build it for them. I began using my woodworking craftsmanship for the clients of Moberg Designs and in April, 2017 Stain & Steel was established. Do you have any questions for me? Send me a Message; I would love to hear from you.